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Models Attitude

Mary Layson Gottfried

I recently interviewed Mary Layson about her experiences modeling.  Mary Layson was one of the first models I started doing model tests with.  We have worked together multiple times over the past couple of years.  She is always easy to work with and she talks about how a models attitude is important on set and over all.  This approach has helped her sign with multiple agencies around the world.

You can see more of Mary Layson on her Instagram:  @mlgott


How did you get into modeling?
Modeling was always something I had wanted to pursue. I was scouted in New York City when I was 16, and then everything kinda fell into place after that. I’ve been modeling for several years now, and I hope for many more years! I signed with DirectionsUSA in North Carolina a couple year ago and just recently I have signed with 2 other agencies around the world!
What do you think is people’s biggest misconception about modeling is?
People’s biggest misconception about modeling, in my opinion, is that models stand around on set while someone takes pictures of you. There is much more coming from the model than it may appear in pictures. I’ve had to put my body in the strangest, most uncomfortable positions in order to achieve the photographers vision. The model goes through LONG days.. from hair and makeup, to wardrobe changes, then to the actually shooting.. It takes a lot of energy, and as the model, you always have to be on your game, otherwise it shows in the pictures.
What advice would you give someone interested in modeling?
My advice would be to never give up, as cliche as it sounds. It only takes one person to see the potential that you may have and you have to keep working and let yourself fall into the right place at the right time. Sometimes you have to get knocked down a few times and turned away from agencies, or jobs, but you if it’s important to you then you have to keep working for it.
You recently were in Miami for Swim Week? Can you talk about that experience and how you were selected to attend?
My agency in North Carolina directed me to an agency in Miami and that’s kinda how it all fell into play. It was my first swim week and my agency in Miami worked very hard to make sure I got jobs while I was down there! It was so cool to walk in shows with top models and to get to be around people from all over the world. I got to build my portfolio as well as walk in a couple shows, on top of meeting some really cool people! It was such an incredible experience! Can’t wait until next year!
What should models look for when finding a photographer to work with?
When I look to work with different photographers I like to look at the photographers Instagram or other forms of social media to see his/hers work and if it works with what I am looking for. If they are good then it will be easy to find their work and to see if it’s work that you see working with your portfolio!
Have you had any photo shoots not go well? What happened? How are you able to avoid this situation in the future? 
I’ve never actually had a photoshoot not go well, but I have had issues with some photographers. When I first moved to North Carolina 4 years ago, I had connected with a photographer and met him to shoot. The shoot went well and working with him was great, but after the shoot, I never heard back from him nor did I get any of the pictures, which was really frustrating. However, I don’t have an answer for how to avoid it.. You just have to take chances when you test with photographers. But 9 times out of 10, I have had good experiences!
Can you explain the process you went through to become with an agency/agencies? What the agency does for you and the expectations the agencies have of you?
When I signed with my DirectionsUSA in North Carolina, I was referred by a friend that was from here. She told me I should submit some digitals and just see what they say. Shortly after submitted the digitals, the girls at Directions asked me to come visit the office and to my surprise they offered me a contract! Most agencies have connections with other agencies around the country or the world. Directions put me in contact with CGM in Miami and this past summer I signed a contract with them. I will be moving down there in a couple weeks! It’s great having an agency because there are always jobs that you could never get without them! As for expectations, there’s some things that are kind of known, such as, staying in shape, keeping your hair and nails clean and neat. And most importantly, always having a great attitude!