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Model Preparation

Stephanie Obasi

I recently interviewed Stephanie about her experiences modeling. She discusses model preparation, getting a range of expressions, and where she would like to go in the industry.

You can see more of Stephanie on her Instagram:  @xstephanieox


How did you get started modeling and why are you drawn to modeling?

I got into modeling as a way to build up my confidence and as time went by, it turned from a hobby into something I want a future in.


What kind a preparation goes into modeling?

A lot of preparation goes into modeling. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Mentally and emotionally you have to prepare yourself for rejection and also get in a dedicated state of mind. You’ll receive a tons of “no’s” but there will also be some yes’s in the bunch. You’ll have to learn to separate your rejections from your actual self. Sometimes you won’t get the gig you applied for and it’s simply because the person in charge doesn’t feel like you got the look their going for, nothing to do with you as a person.

Physically you’ll have to be in shape. Maintain a good body physique and great eating habits. Clear skin and good hair is a must.


You have a great range of expressions during a shoot. Do you have any advice for new models to obtain more expressions?


As far as expressions, my advice on that is practice, practice, practice! Look up magazines, social media, idols etc. Study your own angles in the mirror and know what works for you. Everyone is different so you are the key player in discovering your own expressions.


You recently signed with an agency. Can you talk about the process of signing with an agency and what the agency does for you?

Signing with an agency is the goal for some models while some are fine with just freelancing. The agency provides you with a broader spectrum of gigs you may not have had access to whole freelancing. They send you on castings and ensure you’re getting adequate work for your worth. Signing could result from numerous things. You can attend an open call or email your work  to the particular agency you’re interested in.


What are your goals and where do you see yourself going in modeling and what steps are you taking to try and reach those goals?

My goals in modeling is to expand my horizon and eventually make internationally as well cover some well known magazines here in the states. I work toward these goals by maintaining my brand and producing clean work that’ll be essential to the cause.


What type of jobs do you usually book and why? Are there other types of shoots you are trying to book? If so, is there anything you are doing to book these jobs?

I tend to stick to editorial/fashion/beauty productions. I feel as though that’s what my face is more suitable for. I also do some commercial works as well. Smiling never hurt anyone?