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In search of an agency

Maria Savoy: In search of an agency

Maria: You are pretty new to modeling. How did you get started?
I started modeling in college in 2013. I was asked to model for the Fashion and Textiles Design Showcase called the Threads Collective at NC State. I was asked by one of the senior girls in my sorority and it was my first runway show. It was not until this year that I decided I wanted to make a career out of modeling.
What do you think of modeling so far? Is anything different than you expected? If so, what?
I’ve really enjoyed the photographers, designers and other models I’ve had the opportunity to work with thus far. Initially I thought that is a girl was tall enough or had great bone structure that modeling was just something that came naturally – but it is not. It is hard work! As with any other art medium, objectivity it not a given. Modeling too is subjective. One person may love your look while another may think you do not have the right features. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.
Can you talk about an enjoyable photo shoot you were on? What made it enjoyable?
One enjoyable shoot I had was for a student designer, Rachel Bridge, who asked me to model for her collection in the NC State’s annual runway show, Art to Wear. The photoshoot took place at a horse farm in Zebulon, NC. What made it enjoyable was the challenge of modeling around such a big and beautiful animal. The horse did not like getting his photo taken, so we had to move quickly to get some good shots in and also to make sure the models didn’t get stomped on!
What are your goals and where do you see yourself going in modeling and what steps are you taking to try and reach those goals?
Two goals I want to accomplish in 2016 are to walk in Charleston Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. I’m currently working with local photographers to build my portfolio so I can gain more experience and to ultimately get signed to a talent or modeling agency. I look at a lot of fashion magazines and also follow models, like Coco Rocha(I love her!), on social media for new ideas and inspiration.
You are looking to join an agency. Have you spoken with any agencies and what are you looking for in an agency?
I’ve been contacted by some agencies and have submitted photos to some larger agencies in the US, but I have not found one that is the right fit. I’m looking for an agency small enough to know my talents and can market me properly, but also big enough to get me some international jobs. My fingers are crossed for the future!