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Models Attitude

Mary Layson Gottfried I recently interviewed Mary Layson about her experiences modeling.  Mary Layson was one of the first models I started doing model tests with.  We have worked together multiple […]

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Model Preparation

Stephanie Obasi I recently interviewed Stephanie about her experiences modeling. She discusses model preparation, getting a range of expressions, and where she would like to go in the industry. You can […]

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Tips to becoming a model

Emma Catherine Frank: Tips to becoming a model I recently interviewed Emma about her experiences modeling.  She gives tips to becoming a model as well as gives her background and future goals. […]

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Getting Started Modeling

An Interview with McKenzie Sanders I recently interviewed McKenzie Sanders who recently signed with Directions USA about the process she went through to getting started modeling, her experience so far, goals, […]

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In search of an agency

Maria Savoy: In search of an agency Maria: You are pretty new to modeling. How did you get started? I started modeling in college in 2013. I was asked to model […]

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How to become a model

Jessi Boseman talks about how to become a model How did you get into modeling? • My interest in modeling started while I was growing up as a little girl. […]

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Exposure Time

I am a featured photographer at CAM Raleigh on September 20th for Exposure Time.  This event is a fundraiser for CAM Raleigh.  They are a great proponent of photography as […]

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Mary Layson Gottfried recently returned from swim week in Miami and wanted to add more outdoor images to her portfolio.  We wanted to get a mix of lifestyle and posed […]

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